Free yourself from sales bureaucracy.

Linko is a smart CRM system and address book that enables its customers to freely pick their favourite mobile and cloud applications to automate customer relations management while removing the burden of manual reporting with complex electronic forms.

Linko is in private beta and is currently available to a limited number of users for iOS and Android. Please leave your work email to join our waiting list.

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CRM Simplicity.

Manage customer relations from your mobile or tablet and automate the update of contact information and collection of sales activity data in real-time. Just use the mobile apps that you love to manage the sales process and we will take care of the rest.

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Track opportunity partners, conversion state and conversion rates, receive reports on a weekly and daily basis without filling any forms.

No complicated installation needed. Sign up above to request an invite to our pilot program. Download our mobile apps and you are ready to go.

No cold calls.

We help you leverage your network to find relevant people for your business and get warm intros to them from common friends.

Real time data.

Linko feeds the events to the company feed in real time. Now you'll know by the lunch break how the sales day will yield.

App freedom.

Bye bye corporate conformity and ancient enterprise suites: Choose your own apps for the work.

Personal assistant.

Linko automatically sorts and organizes your contacts, tasks and events to constantly keep the relevant stuff in the front and center.

Instant answers.

Instead of providing static dashboards, Linko instantly answers your questions with its dynamic, real-time search.

No form filling.

End the misery of manual reporting and form filling and move on to the brave new world of lightweight mobile management of your customer relations.

Reach us locally.

Linko Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has the main development studio in Berlin, Germany. For your data security, our servers are located in Helsinki, Finland.

If you are experiencing any CRM headaches, contact and our local representative is happy to help you.

Tired of corporate conformity?

Linko is a global team of veteran entrepreneurs. We are currently looking to expand our team with talented software engineers and architects to our Berlin, Germany -based development headquarters.

We value creativity, problem solving skills and out of the box thinking. Our team culture is vibrant and relaxed, our days are filled with humor and great ideas, and everyone has full control of their own work. We are ambitious and want to make a big impact and disrupt the enterprise software market. We are funded and growing. Our compensation package includes competitive pay and stock incentives.

Join us to put enterprise software out of its misery.

If you got intrigued, send your resume to us. We respond to everyone.

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